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All prices listed here are aimed at private and commercial individuals. The prices are inclusive of the statutory value added tax and are valid from 1 November 2017.

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The following services are available to you on for selling your agricultural machinery.


  Description Price incl. VAT
Advertisement placement
  • 4 weeks (28 days) duration
  • up to 30 pictures per ad
  • manual check by technikboerse: your advertisement will be highlighted with the seal of trust "Approved vendor"
  • Use sales tools: make your advertisement even more attractive to find more potential buyers for your machine
EUR 16.90
Advertisement extension
  • Extension of an existing advertisement by 4 weeks (28 days)
EUR 9.90
Additional advertisement
  • Placing an additional advertisement if at least one other advertisement is active at the same time.
EUR 9.90
Free advertisement placement
  • 4 weeks (28 days) Duration
  • max. 3 pictures per ad
  • max. 3 free advertisements at the same time
  • the sales price is a mandatory entry
  • no manual advertisement check by technikboerse’s staff: you pass on the seal of trust "approved vendor"
  • no sales tools: you pass on the opportunity to use sales tools to find more interested parties for your machine
EUR 0.00

Sales tools

With technikboerse’s sales tools, you will attract more attention to your advertisement and therefore receive more enquiries from prospective customers through better placement.

  Description Term/price incl. VAT 
Top advertisement Place your advertisement at the top of the search list and achieve maximal visibility.    

1 week: EUR 24.99

Page 1 advertisement Place up to three visible advertisements in the search results list on the first page and present your comprehensive offer.     1 week: EUR 9.94
Eye-catching advertisement

Place your advertisement conspicuously in the search results list and break the user's searching habits.    

1 week: EUR 5.81

Print tools

Place your machinery advertisement in different print publications with text and image using technikboerse’s print tools.

  Description Price incl. VAT
Agrarheute Agrarheute gets to the heart of the agricultural sector. Your advertisement will appear once in Agrarheute magazine. EUR 69.00
AGRARTECHNIK The most widely circulated machinery trade magazine Your advertisement will appear once in Agrartechnik. EUR 69.00
Badische Bauern Zeitung Weekly specialist newspaper for regional agriculture in Baden. Your advertisement will appear once in the Badische Bauern Zeitung newspaper. EUR 69.00
BauernZeitung Your advertisement will appear once in the Austrian paper BauernZeitung’s market place. EUR 89.00
Bayerisches Landwirtschaftliches Wochenblatt Germany’s most widely circulated weekly agricultural trade magazine. Your advertisement will appear once in the Bayerisches Landwirtschaftliches Wochenblatt magazine. EUR 69.00
Deutsches Weinmagazin Independent expert body in wine production and winegrowing. Your advertisement will appear once in the Deutsches Weinmagazin. EUR 69.00
Der Badische Winzer Trade magazine for those responsible for wine in science, trade and marketing and not just in Baden. Your advertisement will appear once in the newsletter of Der Badische Winzer. EUR 69.00
Forst und Technik The most widely circulated information and member magazine for forestry companies, timber transporters and forestry workers organised within associations. Your advertisement will appear once in Forst und Technik magazine. EUR 69.00
Gemüse The only monthly trade magazine fully dedicated to vegetable cultivation in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Your advertisement will appear once in Gemüse magazine. EUR 69.00
LAND & Forst Every week, LAND & FORST communicates the essentials of professional and practical goings-on in agriculture. Your advertisement will appear once in LAND & FORST magazine. EUR 69.00
Motorgeräte (supplement to Agrartechnik) Accompanying journal to AGRARTECHNIK. Your advertisement will appear once in the Motorgeräte supplement in Agrartechnik. EUR 69.00
Münchner Merkur local paper Your advertisement will appear once in the Münchner Merkur local paper. EUR 69.00
Traction The agricultural technology magazine for professionals. Your advertisement will appear once in Traction magazine. EUR 69.00

Return direct debit fee

If a direct debit cannot be executed due to insufficient funds or if a customer wrongfully reverses his direct debit, our payment service provider will charge fees for this. Please understand that in cases such as this we will charge a standard fee of EUR 20 per return direct debit.

Please contact our accounting team if you suspect a mistake with your invoice items. dlv Deutscher Landwirtschaftsverlag - Die Medienkompetenz für Land und Natur